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Ո Օ Ո - The First Warp

a 2D time-warping point'n'click adventure



A 2D adventure about an alien that warps through space and time.

You travel through twisted alien faunas in order to help Ո Օ Ո unravel the mysteries behind it's unexpected disappearance.

The game features a special gameplay mechanic - never before seen in the genre.
The unique time control gameplay - open up a whole new wonderful world of puzzle design that tempts the player to think about puzzle solutions in relation to time.


You play as the friendly alien Ո Օ Ո that warps through a portal, after discovering a mysterious device fallen from the sky. Starting on planet Earth - you now need to find a way back to your home planet - some 600 billion light years across the local galaxy super cluster.

Is it all a coincidence? Who dropped the mysterious box? Why can Ո Օ Ո suddenly control the flow of time?


  • Unique time controlling game mechanic - never before used in the genre
  • Humorous story and relaxing game play
  • Well thought-out story going through multiple alien planets and faunas
  • Full control over location day and night cycles
  • In-game help available - if wanted
  • Puzzles evolve around the control of time
  • A relaxing and fun experience to play through

Real adventure awaits!

Light and time of day plays a role when solving puzzles Screenshot