a 2D time-warping adventure game

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  • Unique time controlling game mechanic
    Puzzles evolve around the control of time
    Never before used in the genre
    Full control over day and night cycles
  • Humorous story
    Written to get that little smile back on your face
  • Relaxing game play
    Zen feeling, no stress, take your time, save and come back
  • Well thought-out story
    You'll want to know more
    Go through multiple alien planets and faunas
    Earth included!
  • On demand fast character travel
    Double-click scene exits
  • In-game help system
    Never leave the game for answers
    Never get stuck in fustrating puzzles
  • Balanced and adaptive gameplay
    Designed to ensure the game is fun to play for all audiences
    New comers can get help (if they so wish)
    Old timers are challenged (like they're used to)
  • No pixel hunting
  • No moon logic
  • No unexpected deaths
  • No mazes
  • No countdown puzzles



An adventure about an alien - trying to find it's way home

You play as the friendly alien "Ո Օ Ո" that warps through a portal, after discovering a mysterious device fallen from the sky. After ending up on planet Earth - you need to find a way back to your home planet.
The only minor problem is - you're many billion light years across the local galaxy super cluster.

Is it all a coincidence? Who dropped the mysterious box? Why does "Ո Օ Ո" suddenly get to control the flow of time?
You travel through twisted alien faunas in order to help "Ո Օ Ո" unravel the mysteries behind the unexpected portal warp.

Along the way you get to help some extraordinary lifeforms while exploring the vivid scenery of other alien planets.
It's an adventure you don't want to miss, where you're in control of when things happen


"non - The First Warp" or the more artistic "Ո Օ Ո - The First Warp"
- is created by one person.

Close to everything you see and hear in the game comes from the mind and hands of me; Lars.
Besides being a huge project, the game also features a special gameplay mechanic - never before seen in the genre.
The unique time control gameplay - open up a whole new wonderful world of puzzle design that tempts the player to think about puzzle solutions in relation to time.
It's flattering, it's risky and it's something you'll demand of every future adventure game!

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Light and time of day plays a role when solving puzzles Screenshot